Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Still on the old

I check the blog fairly often, and today's entry is a great one:

Kodak's first digital camera

I still remember when home computers looked like that - all string 'n' sealing wax and memory measured in kb. In fact, I have several of them stashed away.

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WordVixen said...

*gasp choke* Hubby and I have reminisced about old school technology since we met. Just tonight he decided to go pick up his old Sega Genesis (circa '94) from his parents' house. Which made me moan over my parents selling my brother's old Atari at a yard sale. Guess what he brought home with his Genesis? Oh yeah! Now, if we can just figure out how to hook up the Atari to these new fangled televisions...

Simon Haynes said...

Is it an ST or an XL? STFM models had a modulator (hence the 'M') as did the STE. I should think the older XL ones would all have had modulators in.

Then the issue becomes - does the TV have an aerial in socket? Should do.

WordVixen said...

:-D I have no idea what you just said. It's an Atari 2600, if that means anything. says to use a manual RF switch. I don't know what that is either, but I'm sure I can find one. Or, let hubby do it. It's easier that way. :)

Simon Haynes said...

Wow, a 2600. I was off by about 10 years.

The rf switch is available from Tandy or anywhere they sell antenna plugs etc. It's usually a white triagle with two sockets, a short lead and a switch. You put the tv aerial into one socket, the 2600 into the other, and plug the lead into the telly where the aerial used to go. Then you use the switch to choose between tv signal and 2600. (You'll probably have to pick a channel and tune in to the 2600 signal though.)

WordVixen said...

Thanks for the info, Simon. :) Apparently, hubby actually had the hook up, and had simply lost it. We've got it working now (and I totally just played Fishing Derby, Ice Hockey, Space Invaders, and Asteroids last night!).

Tandy? Such a thing still exists? My very first computer was a Tandy 1000. We never bought in while Commodore was "it". Oh Lord, now I want to play Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? and King's Quest. This is wrong. So wrong.