Friday, May 16, 2008

Complete blank

My publicist just booked me for a radio interview next week, which is great news. Then she chucked me a real poser: "Be prepared to describe a couple of incidents and key stories from within the book."

The problem is, I finished editing the book last October and haven't looked at it since. In the meantime I've written 50,000 words of Hal 5 for NanoWrimo AND come up with half a dozen neato plots for the same book. Hal 5 is a go, and Hal 4 is ancient history! I'm just as likely to go into the interview and describe this really hilarious bit ... from Hal 2.

The other problem is that Hal 4 is a whodunnit/mystery, and any key scenes from later in the book are likely to contain spoilers. I don't even like identifying the characters, because there are some twists there, too.

I have a week until the interview, and before that I have an appearance at a school lit festival. Methinks I'll be re-reading Hal 4 between now and then.

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