Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fridge Magnet update

So far I've had 388 requests for the Hal Spacejock fridge magnets. I posted each person four magnets (one for them, three to share), a bookmark, an invite to the book launch, a small blurb about Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, a sample chapter of Hal Spacejock, a brief note from me, a signed bookplate and a free gift voucher.

No wonder both my printers are smoking quietly in the corner. And if you see any local posties bent double, it's my fault.

I have about 100 fridge magnets left, so if you live in Australia and you haven't contacted me yet, feel free to do so.

I'm even paying the postage, so it'll cost you nothing.

By the way, feel free to share the link on your own blog - I have another 2000 fridge magnets on the way, and I'm ordering 5000 new bookmarks early next week.

Simon Haynes is the author of the Hal Spacejock and Hal Junior series (Amazon / Smashwords / other formats)

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