Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Book launch goodies

I usually make a bit of an effort for Hal Spacejock launches - people are taking the trouble to get there, so why not throw in a few extras?

If you know how publishing works you'll know that authors make about A$1.50-A$1.90 royalty on a $20 book. If we sell 30-40 books at the launch I'll have earned a massive $50 or so (about nine months from now, when the next royalty statement comes in.)

A book launch isn't about earning money, though. It's a celebration, a chance to send off the latest book with a whack from a bottle of bubbly, and a chance for me to hand out some unique Hal-related goodies.

This morning the postie delivered about 200 cover flats for Hal Spacejock books 1 and 3. I'm busy signing them now, and everyone who buys a book at the launch will get one in their goodie bag. There'll be Hal Spacejock fridge magnets and bookmarks too, and I usually throw in something chocolatey. (Obesity epidemic be damned. Anyway, they're only little.)

There's also a ticket for the free Hal gift I've been banging on about for the past two weeks. If you have today's West Australian (Tuesday 27th), turn to page 8 of the Today section and you'll be able to work out what the gift is ...

Everyone else can wait until tomorrow ;-)

Simon Haynes is the author of the Hal Spacejock and Hal Junior series (Amazon / Smashwords / other formats)

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JJ Cooper said...

All the best for the launch, mate.