Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stats plus

Some people love stats (me included!), so here's a breakdown of the top 20 countries downloading the free Hal Spacejock ebook by percentage. Now, Australia is the 3rd largest market on the planet for English language books (after the US and the UK), and yet it's second here. Do aussies love a quick freebie or what?

Country/Territory - Percentage
United States - 42.32%
Australia - 26.47%
United Kingdom - 6.79%
Canada - 5.53%
Germany - 1.25%
India - 1.23%
France - 1.09%
Netherlands - 0.92%
Sweden - 0.82%
New Zealand - 0.78%
Spain - 0.70%
South Africa - 0.66%
Romania - 0.66%
Brazil - 0.56%
Ireland - 0.42%
Italy - 0.42%
China - 0.38%
Belgium - 0.38%
Portugal - 0.34%
Denmark - 0.34%

(So far the book has been downloaded by people in 108 countries & territories)

Simon Haynes is the author of the Hal Spacejock and Hal Junior series (Amazon / Smashwords / other formats)


JJ Cooper said...

Good to see it's going so well Simon.


WordVixen said...

Wow! 108 countries & territories? Now that's impressive!

I'm such a stats geek- thanks for posting the line-up. :)

And, I say that this is a clear indicator that the foreign rights agents need to get off their bums and draw up some contracts! I'm already cringing at the thought of the shipping cost to get Hal 4 if Powell's doesn't pick it up.

Simon Haynes said...

Good news ... my publisher is taking orders for any and all of the Spacejock books with subsidised postage (via Paypal, no less)

CHRIS PASH said...

fabulous stuff!
firing on all rockets.
what better way to get a taste for hal spacejock than through a free download of the book.

Simon Haynes said...

The problem is .. how do I tell another 100,000 people about it? Lots of SF fans on the planet, many of them might enjoy a free copy of Hal, but it's how to reach them which is the problem.

And if I had the answer, I'd be able to bottle & sell it ;-)