Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oddest phone call I've had for a while ...

My nine-year-old daughter just called from my mum's, where she's having a sleepover. The conversation ended up something like this:

Me: "What's up? Having a good time?"
"Great. So, we'll see you tomorrow then."
"On Linux, should I use Microsoft Java, SUN Java or default?"
"This website wants to know which java plugin to use. I always choose the SUN runtime at home, but Nanny's PC is showing Default."
"Errr, yeah."
"I tried Microsoft but it took ages to load and then crashed."
"You got that right."
Me: "Maybe try Sun."
"And I want to use the Gimp, but there's no icon in the start menu. Do I have to run it through the terminal?"
Me: "Ummm, yeah. Type gimp then press tab and hit enter."
Her: "Okay, seeya."

Half an hour later I get an email from her:

Her: "ive made an animated pic.... but how can i put it on my webpage from here??"
Me: "Send me an email with an attachment and I'll upload it for you."

Modern generation, eh?

The email just arrived, and so Flippo the animated bird is presented below for your viewing pleasure. (I've also added a guinea pig she did a few weeks ago.)


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