Thursday, August 23, 2007

Author Visit III

Just a short day today - down to the end of the freeway and off towards the coast. The library was very welcoming, and the group was fun to talk to. Most kids here in Australia are very surprised to learn that you could leave school in Spain at the end of year 8, at least when I was studying there. I'm sure half the kids go home to ask their parents whether they can move to Spain.

Afterwards I spoke to a writer who's already put together 180 pages of a novel, and is working on the next. Talented artist, too.

The principal and library staff laid on a nice morning tea, there were plenty of photos and then it was back home to beg my editor for a deadline extension on Hal 4. (I booked all these visits months ago, soon after the Westbooks Night With Our Stars evening. Back then I didn't know I'd be on the final days of my deadline for the next novel. Oh well.)

Anyway, that's me done for Children's Book Week. The Eat 2 and 5 message has been ringing in my ears for several days, I didn't send anyone to sleep and I managed to make all the sessions without any illnesses or other disasters. And now I've started getting enquiries for National Literacy Week from September 4-7. And I just realised that's very, very soon.

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