Monday, March 24, 2008

More good news

I found a parcel on the doormat this morning, and when I ripped it open I realised it contained four copies of Hal Spacejock No Free Lunch!

I've scanned the front and back covers, and put them online for your viewing pleasure:

Remember the cheeky business card I designed? My publisher went for it! It's right there on the back cover:

Simon Haynes is the author of the Hal Spacejock and Hal Junior series (Amazon / Smashwords / other formats)


WordVixen said...

The covers look great! And I'm so glad they went for the business card... Promotional material, perhaps?

Helga Hansen said...

Hi... I'm just popping in to say thank you for your gift of the 10 shares in your blog. :)

I shall be exploring your blog at leisure...

Simon Haynes said...

You're welcome! Thought I'd help a few people get started. (I did buy some back at 3x the price, so you should have got a few shares + a bunch of B$ too.)

Helga Hansen said...

Hej Simon :) I've now had the chance to browse through your blog and web page, and I think my son (and a close friend who lurves Terry Pratchett!!) may just enjoy reading your books. As I live in the UK, how would I go about obtaining a copy or two?

Are your books "stand alone", or do they have to be read from Book 1 through to Book 4?

I see you have a Facebook profile too... maybe one day, I'll give you a poke! ;)

PS. All my Spacejock shares are gone, but you have left me a very rich woman... thank you!!

Simon Haynes said...

Hi Helga,

The series doesn't have to be read in order. Sometimes a character might mutter an aside which sends up something in an earlier book, but it's nothing critical. Each one is self-contained.

I have a UK agent but - as yet - no UK publisher. Therefore the only Hal books available are those imported from Australia, which means they cost double what a regular book does in the same country. (I know they're great books and all, but ...) has the books, although they're being sold by Powell's in the US and shipped over. In other words, pricey.

Now, if I could get a zillion people to post a blog demanding that Hal Spacejock be released in their country I'd be laughing, but every other author on the planet could say the same thing.

Helga Hansen said...

To my dear Spacey Benefactor...

Thank you, thank you and again thank you!! :^)

I shall peruse my local Amazon store, and let you know what I come up with. Unfortunately I know very few in the publishing world, but I am not averse to spending a little extra for a good book!

Hope you have a good weekend xx

Simon Haynes said...

Isn't it a shame we can't convert B$ into real $$? My blogshares account is worth trillions now (I think I'm ranked #60 or so in the game in terms of net wealth. I only go there once a week!)