Sunday, February 10, 2008

Andromeda Spaceways Issue 32

Please feel free to distribute as widely as you can! Every bit of publicity helps the mag, and the mag ONLY exists to help new and established writers.

Also, when you buy a PDF copy of ASIM please be aware you're actually downloading your copy from the server in my office, right next to where I'm busy working on the next Hal Spacejock novel. Doesn't that give you a thrill? (If so, you really need to get out more.)

-- Andromeda Spaceways Press Release --

What are you giving your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Flowers and chocolates are so passé for the keen speculative fiction reader! Why not offer your sweetie the delectable Andromeda Spaceways #32 instead? When ingested by the eyes, doesn't hang around the thighs! What better gift could there be?!

Available for devouring in print and PDF right now, issue 32 - edited by Monissa Whiteley - has a firm outer coating by the delicious Dan Skinner, and mouth-watering insides from scrumptious authors such as Brian Dolton, Ian Nichols, Dave Luckett and Karen Maric. Other goodies are served up by D Gellen and M Owton, Damon Kaswell, Eugenie Edquist and Kent Purvis. To really put the icing on the cake, Tansy Rayner Roberts interviews the yummy Justine Larbalestier about her writing and Simon Petrie gives us a "Little Nut Tree".

ASIM #32 is available to purchase in print and PDF at and in specialty bookshops around Australia including our newest supplier, Gleebooks at Blackheath in the NSW Blue Mountains. You can also get a print or PDF subscription to ASIM online.

Go on, give your loved one what they REALLY want!

-- End Press Release --

Better dash, my server is making strange noises under the sudden load.

Simon Haynes is the author of the Hal Spacejock and Hal Junior series (Amazon / Smashwords / other formats)

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