Monday, October 15, 2007

Positive thinking

A few months ago my wife rescued a bedraggled zebra finch from a shopping centre carpark, and we've been looking after him ever since. (They're not native birds - this was an escaped pet.)

Anyway, today my wife brought home a female finch, and within ten seconds of adding her to the cage the male was hauling grass stalks to the corner and building a nest. I mean, it happened literally that quickly. So fast, in fact, that he didn't actually stop to ask the new bird whether she was up for it.

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Sean Lindsay said...

When you haven't seen another bird for months, and there's only two birds in the cage, I doubt it really matters if the other bird is female, or even the same species. Foreplay is for people who have a choice of where to be.

WordVixen said...

Your rescued finch isn't named Hal, is it?

Simon Haynes said...

It wasn't, but as soon as we observed his behaviour he got a name change ... to Hal. (Seriously.)