Friday, July 21, 2006

Book a day

Andrew Wheeler, a senior editor at the US SF book club, has just embarked on a project. He's going to read a book a day for as long as he can.

I wonder whether that includes the odd fantasy doorstopper, or whether he's just going for the lighter stuff?

Years ago, before work, family and ... you know, responsibilities, I used to read more than one book a day. We had no computers, no tv ('andful of cold gravel for tea' shouts someone from the peanut gallery), and there was little else to do but prowl the countryside with my air rifle.

These days I'm lucky to read one a week, and the air rifle is long gone. Actually, so's the countryside.

So, I applaud Andrew's endeavour but I do wonder how long he'll keep it up. Long enough to attract so much interest from the 'entertainment' section of the national papers that they lose interest in stories about movie stars having babies in Namibia?

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James said...

I'd be lucky to read one a month.

Martin Livings said...


James said...

I'm reading an Ian Irvine novel at the moment. It's just over 600 pages. I'm almost finished, but I've been at it for just over 2 months. :(

Simon Haynes said...

There's always short fiction. Ideal for those 'why the hell did I start reading THIS doorstopper' moments.
Martin Livings (two comments up) has a story in issue 11 and was interviewed in issue 19.

Debra said...

A few years ago, when I wasn't working, I read one or two books a day for a month. Now I'm working and writing, and I've been reading Bleak House for a couple of months and I'm still nowhere near the end.