Friday, November 14, 2008

This is one with a rant in front of it

I've started seeing this in the media recently, and it's driving me nuts. When talking about figures, politicians and reporters have started using phrases such as 'we expect inflation will be a number with a two in front of it' or 'unemployment will be a number with a four in front of it.'

First, it's not accurate. Is the former two point something, twenty point something or two million point something?

Second, it's GOT to be a number. Inflation can't be a 'word with a two in front of it', unless it's 'Two High'

Gah. Next it'll be book on favourite pastimes with a 69 at the end of it, or a round of golf with a four in the middle of it.

Yes, I really am expecting it to spread like wildfire - look out for the robbery with the gun in front of it, the scandal with the policitian in front of it, and the writer with the manuscript with the rejection in front of it.

Now I have a smile with a wan in front of it.

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