Thursday, August 17, 2006

Support Crew cards are in

I had such a fantastic response to the Hal Spacejock Support Crew meme of a week ago that I went out and spent a hundred bucks or so on some little Support Crew business cards for everyone. (And it's not too late to get yours - just follow the link above for instructions.)

Anyway, I ordered my business cards from someone advertising on ebay of all places. (I'm in Western Australia, he's on the other side of the continent) You email him a rough idea and he'll do all the artwork, going back and forth until you're happy. Then he organises the actual printing and ships the cards overnight express - and the price includes design, printing and delivery.

I do my own artwork (I've been doing full colour brochure layouts for years) so I sent him finished files after getting the required specs, and when the cards arrived an hour ago I was more than impressed. Sharp, nice and bright, and a very close match to what I had on the screen. Very happy.

So, if you live in Australia and need some quick and easy printing - and not just business cards - give Tom at Wainwright Media a go. I'm not one for rampant plugs but I like to reward good service. (You can say I sent you but it won't make a blind bit of difference.)

Incidentally, all the goodies will soon be on the way to everyone who pasted the Support Crew code into their blog and then emailed me with their addresses. Hah, you forgot that bit didn't you?

Simon Haynes is the author of the Hal Spacejock and Hal Junior series (Amazon / Smashwords / other formats)


Anonymous said...

I forgot to paste the support crew stuff into my blog - how clever is that :) I am the only kid on the block who didn't - clever idea.

Simon Haynes said...

It's called Anti-viral marketing. A great idea that dies on the vine. (Okay, just kidding. It spread quite well.)

Arkansawyer said...

Hey Simon,

Just wanted to pass on a thanks! Got my care package from Hal and Clunk (and you) yesterday!

The kids and I all got a good chuckle from the bookmarks and everything else!

Awesome idea. We'll be keeping our eyes open for a copy in Pennsylvania USA.