Thursday, November 22, 2007

What am I reading?

Marshal Zeringue of the Writers Read blog recently asked what I was reading and what I had on my TBR pile. Naturally, I revealed all.

Also, I just saw the CMIS Resource Bank website has a listing for all three Hal books, giving each a nice review and rating them as suitable for ages 13+. (This site is run by the Western Australian Education Dept, and I guess that explains all the visitors to the site ... they can't all be after simple recipes.)

Snips from the reviews for each book:

Hal 1: "As might be expected, things start to go wrong and just keep going that way in this clever novel."

Hal 2: "The rich variety of characters and the very clever humour is attention-holding from beginning to end."

Hal 3: "The satire is great, the plot oddities continue to fascinate. Simon Haynes wants to write fifteen Hal Spacejock books. We are happily waiting."

I like how each review ends with a plea for the books to be turned into a TV series or a movie. (Although the phrase 'over my dead body' springs to mind. Hands up if you've seen a mainstream movie oozing with clever humour* lately.)

* Hey, that's how the reviewer described it ...

Simon Haynes is the author of the Hal Spacejock and Hal Junior series (Amazon / Smashwords / other formats)


WordVixen said...

After what they did to Hitchhikers Guide? Sad thing is, I can so see how they would make great movies or mini-series, but not with the way the entertainment industry is.

Unless you could get Kevin Smith to do it (Clerks/Jay and Silent Bob Kevin Smith- not the others).

Simon Haynes said...

The HHG movie and, apparently, the US pilot of Red Dwarf which is floating around somewhere.

There aren't many examples of Brit SF/humour being made into hollywood spectaculars, and the ones I've seen have been anything but spectacular. Not sure whether HHG was Hollywood's fault or just a huge mistake on all sides, but I was very disappointed.

I'd much rather see a Hal TV series than a movie, and for sure it would have to be made in the UK. They do dark humour and satire better than just about anyone.