Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here we go... getting into the zone

21,000 words into NanoWrimo and I finally hit that 'here we go' moment. It happens every time I start writing a novel ... one minute I'm on this side, writing on the laptop about things happening in an imaginary world, going through the motions and keeping the wordcount happening, and the next I feel the scenery blur around me and I'm in the other world. The characters are there, carrying on right in front of me, the place is real. From this point I can leave and re-enter whenever I want, and it's a whole lot easier to write the story.

Does anyone else get this? The Magic Portal to your Plot World which only appears when you've written enough to cover the entry price? Or maybe I'm just slightly odd.

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Casey said...

I think I get this, only I pay my entry price before I actually begin writing. I tend to do a lot of presearch and preplotting. The world, themes, characters and plots are relatively whole by the time I begin. This has its downsides... like.. already knowing where you're going.. But it is my process, and I think I would be lost without it.