Monday, July 02, 2007

Wild weather

I don't know the official figures, but Perth has been hit with loads of rain and some very strong winds recently. (Nothing compared to the flooding in Queensland and NSW, or the really bad flooding in the UK. But it always seems dramatic when you're caught up in it.)

Anyway, I thought I'd share a pic I took over the back fence yesterday:

As you can see - not your typical warm sunny Western Australian day.

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Mary Paddock said...

That's quite the picture. The Ozarks (where I live) has seen record rain this year and yesterday we had tornados touch down in four different places.

Antony Peyton said...

Hope your back fence is still standing after seeing that picture. Came across your site through Absolute Write and have to say the articles on writing on your Hal Spacejock site are brilliant and really useful.

Simon Haynes said...

Funnily you should mention that: An hour ago I noticed the house further down the street has just lost a big section of fence.

Glad you like the articles - I try and share what I've struggled through rather than saying 'this is how you do it'. If anyone reads my articles, thinks I'm nuts and does the opposite, all power to them.

Richard Havers said...

And we think we've had some tough weather in the UK!

'Saw' you on Richard Charkin's blog so I thought I'd stop by. Cheers from Scotland.

Simon Haynes said...

It might have looked wild but at least nobody got hurt. Lots of property damage and power loss, though.

Nice to see you here, and yes, I do post on Richard Charkin's blog from time to time. It's great to see someone so high up the publisher food chain offering another perspective on things.