Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Publicity pile-on

Author visits are one of the most rewarding things about getting a book or two into the shops. I wrote the Hal Spacejock series for adults, but it's also suitable for kids 12+ so I'm lucky enough to be invited to schools as well as other events.

My publisher has two publicity demons fielding requests for author visits, one for young adult (schools, kids lit events, etc) and the other for adult-oriented visits like gatherings of librarians and book buyers. That's on top of media interviews, which tend to be close to launch date.

Nyanda and Rachel do an excellent job, and I make a point of saying yes to every event they offer me no matter where, when or what it is. In fact, they've now taken to accepting on my behalf and letting me know afterwards. (Easy? Me? Hell, I'd go to the opening of a coke can.)

And now that I'm working full time from home I can go out on a whim ;-)

Over the next few months I've pencilled in half a dozen appearances of one kind or another, and it's really getting to the stage where I have to double check before I say 'yes yes, put me down' However, one word of advice: If you find yourself in this situation remember to keep writing, because that's where NEXT year's appearances will come from.

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