Friday, July 20, 2012

Get writing

You've probably noticed this blog can be a little ... sporadic. Over the years I've blogged about every aspect of the writing process, but after publishing seven or eight novels there's not a whole lot of new stuff I can say about it. ('Put your bum in a chair and start typing' sums it up.) So, during the writing of a novel I don't tend to post to the blog very much.

It's only after each novel is complete, when the dust settles, that I look around and make observations on the state of publishing, self-pub, ebooks, and so on. That part is changing all the time, and timely info is useful. For example, five years ago hardly any (non-US) writers had heard of ITINs and EINs, but these useful numbers have become a hot topic over the past year or so.

To rewind a sec, when I'm flat out writing I don't write lengthy blog posts. What I do, quite a lot, is post to twitter and my facebook author page. Those are the best places to keep up with me during the writing process.

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