Friday, September 05, 2008

Boring old hall cupboard? Not here.

I've just spent a busy week or so shifting the burglar alarm & network ports & file/webserver into the hall cupboard, freeing up the spare bedroom. The cupboard is on a corner, with a wall on one side and the door in the front.

Last night I was watching an old ep of Doctor Who and it hit me. Brilliant idea. I turned to my wife & said 'I'm going to turn the hall cupboard into a Tardis.'

She said 'Okay.'

You can see why we've been married 17 years.

Now, I wonder what Pantone colour Police Box blue is?

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Anonymous said...

A hall cupboard converted to a Tardis. Hmm, here's hoping it works. Police Box blue looks like Pantone 280c to me, though I'm often wrong. ;)

Unknown said...

Heh: snap! Lyn and I have exactly the same idea for our eldest son's bedroom door: we're just waiting for the week of the school holiday when he's at his dad's house, so that it's waiting for him when he returns.