Sunday, March 04, 2007

My first TV appearance

Last week I was interviewed about Hal Spacejock for the local TV show, 'The Couch'. It was an interesting experience - my degree is in Film & Television, but that only prepares you for life behind the camera, not sitting in front of it whilst trying to give semi-intelligent answers to the interviewer's questions.


What can I wear that doesn't clash with lime or pink?

Anyway, it came out okay and the station ran a promo giving away five copies of Hal Spacejock Just Desserts. The funny thing was, sitting in the hot seat the interview seemed to last 20 seconds, and I thought the host, Fred Mafrica, wound it up really fast because I'd made a mess of it.


It was only when I watched the interview today for the first time that I realised I sat there and answered questions for at least five or six minutes. Most of them semi-intelligently, too!

(The show repeats this coming Wednesday on Access31 TV in Perth, and I believe The Couch may also be shown in Melbourne.)

Simon Haynes is the author of the Hal Spacejock and Hal Junior series (Amazon / Smashwords / other formats)


James said...

Hey Simon,

I was disapointed to go into an A&R bookshop in QLD only to find that they had none of your books in stock.

Simon Haynes said...

It does seem to vary from store to store. I've been into 3 A&R stores here in Perth and they all had 1 or 2 copies of Hal 3 and none of the earlier books, while the Dymocks stores I went into carried a larger selection of all three.
If the store is a franchise it's up to the taste of the owner, and also depends what they usually sell most of. Some stores don't sell a lot of SF, although that can be a self-fulfilling criteria if they don't stock much of it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

There were also no copies in our little Dymocks store (NSW), so I asked nicely and ordered the three books in. A week later I received a postcard saying they had arrived at the store for me.

Re Hal Spacejock,

On reading the first book, (plus nine pages into the next...) I'd just like to compliment you on your character of Clunk.

Most first officers/primary support characters I have found are usually under-represented by authors in favour of the MC; not so here.
IMO, you've carried off both HS and Clunk with all the humanity due them as vital central characters.

If someone does indeed take your keyboard away, I'll be only too happy to shout you a new one.

Thank you, for the refreshingly familiar Aussieness (to invent a word phrase) and the greatest reading and writing software programs that I've personally ever seen.


Simon Haynes said...

Thanks, Veronica! I'm thinking of a new post along the lines of 'stores which actually DO have copies' - it'll be quicker than listing the ones that don't ;-)

And by the way, Clunk is the hero of the books. They were just named after Hal for marketing purposes.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Julia Buckley said...

That's fantastic, glad it went well.

Peggy said...

The thought of being on TV gives me the heebie-jeebies (not that it's likely any time soon). Writing is such a solitary occupation - just me and my computer - I'm not sure I could switch gears and be charming with the public.

Simon Haynes said...

Don't let it worry you - press interviews are far more likely.

These days there seems to be an idea that authors have to be all-singing, all-dancing entertainers, but really the book is still the most important thing.

Susan Flemming said...

That happens to me every time I have to do a reading in front of a group of people. For me, it feels like it lasts only a few very intense seconds when in truth when I look at the clock I've used my allotted time. It's like those slow-motion frames in a movie... only in reverse where my world is travelling at a different speed than the real world.