Friday, June 30, 2006


This is what you do when your latest draft is 98% complete and you 'just need a few more days'. Particularly when the deadline is already as late as it can possibly be without throwing the release date off. Do you dare ask the editor for an extension?
I realised just four days ago that I needed another week to finish Hal 3 off properly. Yes, I'm a perfectionist and yes, I'm a procrastinator (never a good combination) So, I called my editor and she offered me another seven days before I could even start begging. Phew.
Anyway, the bits and pieces are flowing together nicely and I'm so-so-close to finishing this one off. I'm really looking forward to working on Hal 4, which will be the first new Hal novel without a previous version to work from. Alas, only the first three books are under contract, but if everyone buys Hal 3 when it comes out that state of affairs should change rapidly.

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James said...

Well I'll be sure to grab a copy!