Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I watched a couple of films tonight, unable to stare at the computer screen thanks to a combination of eyestrain and headache. First up was Men in Black II, and although I barely remember the original I'm sure it was a lot better than this. I'm into humourous SF, not silly SF.

The second film was The Quiet American with Michael Caine. I thought Caine was very good in this, very believable, but overall I was disappointed. I don't know whether it was the intention, but twists were telegraphed well in advance, which left me waiting for something unexpected to happen. It never did. Since they revealed the ending right at the start, I suppose that was inevitable.

I managed to strip a few more scenes from my second novel earlier today. Like renovating, first you tear out the bits you don't like and then you build something better. Or you totally cock it up and leave uneven walls, rampant sawdust and lumps of plaster glued to the carpets.

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